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Sans Rival -AFF Philippines~Pinoy Bakes #3

Friday, July 18, 2014

I heard of this dessert many many years ago, from a fellow blogger friend Anne. From then... it was my 'dream' to bake one myself as I was intrigued by the layers of cashew nut dacquoise filled with french buttercream and topped with more cashew nuts... a nutty delight!

Nowadays there are many flavours of Sans Rival in Philippines, like mango, coffee and chocolate. But I guess I'll just try the original flavour, that's just with nuts.


French Buttercream

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I thought... French Buttercream will taste heavy. Maybe heavier than Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Not really. I actually enjoyed this more than SMBC. But too bad it's far less stable in our tropical room temperature. Light and smooth.....almost like ice cream. Melts quickly like ice cream too.. if the room is too warm.

The major difference of French Buttercream with Meringue Buttercreams is that the French method uses egg yolks and the meringue method uses egg whites. Hmm.... maybe that's why. Ice cream is made with egg yolks as well :-)


Crema de Fruta - AFF Philippines , Pinoy Bakes #2

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Creme de Fruta is a popular dessert in Philippines. It's sponge fingers (known as broas in Philippines)  with custard, topped with canned cocktail fruits and clear jelly.

You can choose to make this with a homemade sponge or store bought sponge fingers, and I also saw some using graham crackers. I used a recipe I previously used to bake sponge fingers and baked this in a sheet form and cut out the sponge according to the size of my serving cups. Usually creme de fruta is set in a large glass tray, but I also saw some in individual servings. I also chose to spoon the custard over the sponge while it's hot, because this way, the custard will set better. I don't want to disturb it too much, afraid it will turn runny, and warm custard hydrates the sponge much better.


Filipino Caramel Cake -AFF Philippines~ Pinoy Bakes

Monday, July 14, 2014

After a week of simple cakes.. this week, we indulge in more indulgent ones.

Caramel cake is quite a common thing. But in Philippines, they have a version of their own that uses evaporated milk.

One of the most famous Caramel cakes in Philippines is from Estrel's.

I made this cake in  a large tray, instead of a round cake because I wanted to skimp on the baking time, hehehehe.


Taisan Cake- AFF Philippines ~ Merienda Cakes #3

Friday, July 11, 2014

Taisan is a chiffon loaf, that is sugary and buttery, originating from Pampanga. It can be easily found at bakery chains like Goldilocks and Red Ribbon in Philippines.

I tried baking it with a recipe that was said to come from Goldilocks. The cake was moist and soft, salty and sugary at the same time. A delight to eat. But yet, I do not know how close it is to the original Goldilocks version. To compare a Goldilocks recipe, I think I need to eat one loaf made by Goldilocks to know.

And then my wish came true....

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